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Ethan Justice: Origins - Simon R. Jenner What were the main themes of the book? How well did the author execute these themes? I think the central theme for this book is self-esteem. John Smith (can't believe that he really had such a plain name) is a simple soul who meets with "complicated" at a street corner and things go in all directions but good after that.

Describe 2 different settings or locations. One - The discussion at the coffee table as John considers the upside of the situation. There is so much manipulation at work, it seems almost funny that John does his best to weigh the situation to his benefit.

Two - "From now you are Ethan Justice, private detective". This scene was so much fun!

Were you able to connect with the main character and why? Savannah comes across as a super hot femme fatale and while you can't relate to her based on personal experience she does keep the story going.

Which did you find more appealing, the introduction or the conclusion? Definitely the ending. John Smith comes across as a stronger character and much more entertaining than his dowdy self in the beginning.

Why would you recommend or not recommend this book? Yes, I would recommend this book.

Disclosure - I received a free book from the author in exchange for an honest review.