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The Granite Key: Arkana Archaeology Thriller Mysteries #1

The Granite Key: Arkana Archaeology Thriller Mysteries #1 - N. S. Wikarski Time period? Didn't give a time period but I do expect that it can be set in any time period.

List of characters and describe? Cassie - Was a college student. She was a pythia. She joined the society.

Maddie- Red head, in her 50's, smoker. 6 ', in the society.

Faye - Head of society. She told everyone what to do.

Griffin - Very smart, very factual. In his 20's, 6'.

Erik - The protector of the group.

Abraham - Twisted. Ordered several murders.

Leroy - Murderer. Did all the dirty work for Abraham.

Problem in book, solved? Problem was to find the bones of the mother. Leroy was never held accountable for murder either.

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author.