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Our Little Secrets: 1 (Montana Romance)

Our Little Secrets - Merry Farmer List the characters and describe them. Charlie Baldwin – came to Montana to escape her step-father

Michael West – merchant and general store owner in Cold Springs, Montana

Edsel – cowboy trouble maker

Nancy Deen – helps Michael out at his general store

Phineas Bell – bank manager and friend of Michael West

Delilah – hotel owner, friend of Michael and Phineas

Christian Avery – justice of the peace and friend of Michael

Eric Quinlan – rancher and friend of Michael

Ms. Helen – arrived on same train as Charlie, and a con artist

Jacinta – clerk to the justice of peace

What makes a minor character memorable? Phineas and Delilah. These each tried to help a friend.

What are the most revealing scenes? When Michael realizes that his father is Charlie’s step-father.

Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book from the author.