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A Wicked Beginning: Book II in the Wicked Series

A Wicked Beginning - Calinda B. What were the main themes of the book? Self-discovery and being comfortable with what is discovered. Passion (and I mean passion, not romance) takes on a whole new look in this author's books. Each of her characters are in the midst of finding themselves and once they do, can they be happy or is there something beyond personal fulfillment?

Describe 2 different settings or locations. One - Cam trying to open up to James about why he is afraid to get involved again. I think Cam's helplessness were well described and you could almost feel what he was feeling.

Two - “This is my dream, goddamn it.” Anger started to build in his belly. It felt like a furnace, warming him from the inside out. The more he whirled and saw only stark white, the madder he got until he was enraged. The more enraged he got, the hotter he felt. This was good, right?" More confusion from Cam . It is truly fascinating how the author ties up these loose ends.

Were you able to connect with the main character and why? Not really. I wanted to connect with Cam but there were bits of him that were too dramatic for my liking. And sometimes, he came across as indecisive instead of searching.

Which did you find more appealing, the introduction or the conclusion? A little of both. Having read the first book, I wanted to see how this would start, progress and end. Of course, there's already a hook for Book 3.

Why would you recommend or not recommend this book? Yes, I would recommend this book and the other books in the series but these are not stand alone books so readers will need to read the complete series.

Disclosure - I received a free book from the author in exchange for an honest review.